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YuGiOh! deck ' Instant win deck ' by hanselD. Create your own decks of cards online and review those created by other players. Just trow all the damage on king and defend with arrows and freeze, and voilla you win ez pz - Create, manage and view the most competitive. Keep in mind that this deck has almost a 75% win rate, but expect it do good if you don't win in the first.


Yugioh MD (Millennium Duels) Instant Win Deck: Exodius

Instant win deck - selbst

As long as this card remains face-up on the field, both player cannot Summon including Flip Summon or Special Summon any monster. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troop faster. This will cause an infinite loop. Also, I can regenerate with Asceticism , should something I can't even foresee should happen which is 1 cheaper than Mimic Vat 's activation cost. This card cannot be destroyed by battle. instant win deck

Euro: Instant win deck

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